addCustomCSS(customScheduleTourBanner2); Windows(tablet and phone)/PC based chartplotter, Lake Estes (Fishing Map : US_UB_CO_lake_estes). Throughout Estes Park, you’ll find a variety of hiking trails for all ability levels. useImageRotator: 0, var styleSheet = document.createElement("style"); $(_0x965b[19])[_0x965b[18]](_0x965b[16], _0x965b[38]); addCustomCSS(fCustomStyle2); The Toronto scanning centre was established in 2004 on the campus of the University of Toronto. locaLE = getUrlParameter('mo_neighborhood').split('+').join(' ').capitalize(); var type = "Townhomes"; } else if (getUrlParameter('community') && getUrlParameter('community') != 'all') { wrap_list_input(); /** @type {number} */ Essentially there are three sizes of lakes. $(_0x965b[26])[_0x965b[23]]($(_0x965b[27])[_0x965b[23]]()); headerLogo: 'Lakes_Region_Realty_Logo.png', "font-size: 18px !important;" + websiteURL: 'lakesrealtymenh', * Exceptions to this rule: Waterskiing is allowed on Lake Estes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings (5 p.m. until dark) during May, June, July, August and September, with the exception of July 4th. Visit the Lake Estes Marina for your one-stop resource for everything to do on and around Lake Estes. console[_0x965b[54]](_0x965b[53]); Tri-County Health Department Issues Public Health Order to lower the number of COVID-19 Cases in Adams County. Check out the services page for more information! The following is a partial alphabetical list of lakes and reservoirs in the U.S. State of Colorado.. $bannerOverlay = ''; document.getElementById("quicksearch-section").style["-webkit-transition"] = "background-image 2s ease-in-out"; var fCustomStyle3 = "@media only screen and (min-width: 768px){ " + Copyright © 2009-2020 Bist LLC. '.rg-modal.rg-modal-contact .miranda-lb .lb-content input[name="email"]', '.property-form input[name="email"]', '.rg-modal.rg-modal-contact .miranda-lb .lb-content input[name="phone"]', '.property-form input[name="phone"]', "I'm interested in ", "innerText", ".property-page .prop-address h1", '.property-form textarea[name="message"]', "show", "span.hitarea.rag-button-hitarea.icon.icon-x.rag-modal-close", "1", ".rg-modal.rg-modal-signup", ".rg-modal.rg-modal-phonegrabber", ".rg-modal.rg-modal-signup .rag-modal-backdrop", $(_0x965b[15])[_0x965b[14]](); $bannerLogo = '